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{"ops":[{"insert":"A Californian gaming studio, creating a beautiful, multiplayer, isometric "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://medium.com/@nugbase/flowerpatch-alpha-release-2d2ae49ebd1d"},"insert":"farming game"},{"insert":" about cannabis. Take the role of a peace-loving koala, customize your farm, tend to your plants, play with others, and "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://medium.com/@nugbase/anthers-ovaries-and-stigmas-introducing-breeding-to-flowerpatch-177f32aa11b"},"insert":"earn Ethereum"},{"insert":" when people breed with your strains! We aim to create the first cannabis game that approaches it from a place of quality, respect, spirituality, and addiction awareness. This ancient plant represents a quickly growing industry and culture, which we aim to be a part of. We are also very grateful to be a part of the "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://www.xcelerator.berkeley.edu/post/the-berkeley-blockchain-xcelerator-announces-selection-of-the-spring-2020-cohort"},"insert":"UC Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator Spring 2020 Cohort"},{"insert":"\n\nEach of our FLOWERs is a unique ERC721 with custom genetics. They can be "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://medium.com/@nugbase/anthers-ovaries-and-stigmas-introducing-breeding-to-flowerpatch-177f32aa11b"},"insert":"bred"},{"insert":" together to create never-before-seen offspring. The FLOWERs can be harvested in-game for crafting materials, and crypto rewards. Flowerpatch is partnering with physical dispensaries in California, to offer cannabis discounts and prizes to players in the local community. We are also creating "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://i.imgur.com/De9kwhy.png"},"insert":"physical versions of our FLOWER Cards"},{"insert":", which can be given out in stores, and redeemed in-game\n\n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://flowerpatch.app"},"insert":"Flowerpatch"},{"insert":" has been in alpha for 10 months, and has gathered a fantastic community of 700 in our "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://flowerpatch.app/discord"},"insert":"Discord"},{"insert":". However, we have been struggling with the rising transaction costs in Ethereum... Currently, simply sending an NFT from one account to another costs 10$. Minting new FLOWERs costs as much as 40$. These extreme fees have disproportionally affected the gaming scene. Sadly, these rising costs have taken away most of our profits, in the last several months. As a result, we are interested in transitioning our NFTs and tokens to Matic in the near future\n"}]}

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