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Secure Scuttlebutt :: Ethereum Fusion



of 10,000 DAI goal



Scuttlebutt is a protocol for building decentralized applications that work well offline and that no one person can control. Because there is no central server, Scuttlebutt clients connect to their peers to exchange information. We have recently been collaborating with the Ethereum ecosystem exploring the potential fusions of Scuttlebutt with Ethereum and scuttlebutt's potential in delivering some of the capabilities of early spoken about as the "Blockchain Trifecta". This fund is to further that work. Scuttlebutt community are allocating a portion of funds granted to us by Handshake and are opening this grant to test interest from the Ethereum community. Team members are some of those from the Secure Scuttlebutt Consortium: We're currently working on: * Meta Mask Integration * integrations with partners in the Ethereum Ecosystem Scuttlebutt is already being used by: * MakerDAO
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