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Independent Ethvestigator Program



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286 DAI



395 DAI



{"ops":[{"insert":"This grant sponsors public researchers whose multidisciplinary work indirectly benefits Ethereum. The ethereum address associated with this grant is a Gnosis multisig safe. The key holders are trusted to distribute the grant to sponsored researchers.\n\nThe Independent Ethvestigator Program will distribute all cryptocurrency/tokens/coins sent to the grant address, modulo transaction fees, to individuals and organizations that it judges to be providing uncompensated public research for public benefit. Sponsorship recipients are expected to continue making public some results of their research, in a manner they judge reasonable and responsible. Sponsored researchers have the right to decide whether their sponsorship by this program is disclosed by the program, and the program will try to make sure they understand the privacy and other known risks of receiving sponsorship in cryptocurrency/tokens/coins on Ethereum. The program will choose researchers and their sponsorship amount using case-by-case in-context judgement.\n\nThis program is an experimental effort and is not intended to enrich itself, the operators, or to sponsor the research of its operators, and disbursements for expenses related to the operations of the program outside of blockchain transaction fees are not expected. Such expenses should be considered exceptional, if they occur. If the program ends up having significant operating expenses, it will be shut down. If the program ends up putting any of its operators or researchers or donors at significant legal risk, it will be shut down. If the operators are not in accord about how to run the program, it will be shut down. If the program is judged to have too much cryptocurrency or too many tokens/coins, it will be shut down. In the event that it gets shut down, the program will do its best to return excess funds to donors.\n\nPlease understand that this program is for the benefit of the sponsored researchers, that unexpected circumstances or legal requirements may lead to expectations set here being violated, and that we expect donors to give the legal right of way to researchers in exceptional circumstances.\n\nThank you for your continuing support,\n\nVlad Zamfir,\nAnuj Das Gupta,\nanon.eth,\n\nIEP Operators\n\n\nP.S. We will update this grant description to list program operators and sponsor recipients, as they join and agree to have their IEP status disclosed on Gitcoin.\n"}]}

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