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Creol Environments/Creol Offsets


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Creol is a company that builds carbon positive people, places and things. We do so using advanced IoT systems and blockchain to track, control and reduce energy usage in commercial buildings. While tracking this energy, the system realtime carbon offsets itself using grid mix Oracles that query grids to calculate the footprint of the system in real time. Carbon tons brought onchain as 1:1 pegs to VERRA VCS tons that are retired in legacy systems, are used in subtokenized quantities and can be offset down to the gram of CO2e. This in turn, ensures that buildings operating a Creol system, are carbon neutral by default and in some cases, carbon positive. This in turn can address 30% of worldwide emissions today. \n\nWe present two projects that we intend to deploy on Matic.\n\nCreol Environments:\nhttps://creol.io\n\nWhich is our IoT based system that is able to be controlled, tracked and monitored all on chain. We are currently migrating the system to Matic to ensure long term scalability. This is the system that intends to drastically change how we control buildings today. It's first application was one we developed for lighting control using existing lighting infrastructure today. It uses advanced 802.15.4 communication protocol Thread to ensure 256bit encrypted messages between nodes in the system. State changes are tracked and attested by the hardware and submitted on chain for tracking and then offset using the onchain VCS 1:1 tons. \n\nCreol People:\nhttps://beta.creol.io , https://footprint.creol.io , https://business.creol.io\n\nCreol People is an extension of Creol Environments that allows regular people to subscribe to a carbon offset subscription using a credit card and a regular email. It uses the same onchain VERRA VCS carbon tons that the IoT system uses and each ton is given directly to the subscribers account. We aimed for complete simplicity with this system, by employing wallets that sign in using gmail/email from Torus and Portis and combining GSN into our smart contracts, we have been able to streamline the onboarding process for users and make sure that people completely uninitiated to crypto can still sign up and do good for the environment. We intend to migrate our system to Matic as well to ensure that we can remain cost competitive with other traditional offset subscription providers.\n"}]}

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