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Research Grant: Swarm Scraper for Verified Smart Contracts



of 500 DAI goal



Team member

When a smart contract is verified in Etherscan it is automatically added to Swarm, a platform designed to provide a sufficiently decentralized and redundant store of Ethereum’s public record. This grant will fund the creation and development of a Swarm specific scraper that retrieves the metadata of verified smart contracts published to Swarm by Etherscan. The scraper SHOULD NOT scrape Etherscan website. Example of a smart contract below: POA20 verified smart contract in Etherscan: Swarm Source (hash): bzzr://43fcf63231967257f94fd4ccac8d14567ecb2b601a4e04fcf78c45099bf157be The scraper should retrieve the hashes (swarm source) for all verified smart contracts . When these hashes are entered through either Etherscan’s Swarm explorer OR the official Swarm hash explorer, they will return the verified smart contract code.
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