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{"ops":[{"insert":"Social network has become an integral part of our lives Sometimes we use it to interact with friends and family, catch up with the rest of the world or just to relieve boredom.\nThe only element lacking in these social media is educational interaction. Tertiary education can be a bit scary and students can do with a little help from knowledgeable people in their field but even the fact that the possibilities available with regards to tertiary education is so widely scattered across the internet makes it even so difficult.\nJust imagine a platform where students can have access to institutions and businesses around them or where they can seek help from knowledgeable people and study groups from their field.\nAnd to crown it all, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have all this in one easy to use platform? Well, there’s good news.\nFROSHFEEL, a decentralized peer-to-peer student platform where students, professionals, businesses, institutions and educators can interact with one another on an educational level while combining the social elements of a student’s life and caters for a variety of young markets.\nThe users of the Froshfeel platform are; Institutions, Students, Business and educators. Froshfeel uses blockchain technology which ensures absolute transparency, secure and user-friendly platform. The creation of their token FROINS makes it easy to perform transactions such as paying college fees, student flights, buying textbooks, etc. and funds are not held by any third party and received instantly.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Why Froshfeel?"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"As a Contributor, you may be asking why you should contribute to this project. There are numerous unique selling points that form part of the froshfeel platform, however the most prominent are listed below:\n\n1)Froshfeel aims to address the lack of resources and educational assistance available to students. The froshfeel platform is both an educational and social network intended for students. We aspire to build a large database of users that will be made available to businesses and institutions.\n\n2)The student market consists of approximately 1.2 billion people. The need for a single platform, that combines all elements of a student’s tertiary educational journey and beyond, has become imperative. Froshfeel enables users to seek information, ask for educational assistance for exams and assignments, browse all available institutions and qualifications, view and apply to jobs and network with like-minded users. Users will also be able to buy and sell a variety of products and services through the platform.\n\n3)Institutions will be able to provide particulars on qualifications available, contact details, locations, registrations processes , galleries and other essential information on the froshfeel platform.\n\n4)Businesses will have access to our database in order to showcase and sell their products and services directly to users on the platform, anywhere around the world.\n\n5)Educators will have the option to create classes, offer tutoring services, provide assistance to student users, host events and more\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"FEATURES OF FROSHFEEL"},{"attributes":{"align":"center"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"• The “classes” feature will enable social discussions on classes, events, and this feature can also be used by Tutors, Mentors, Lecturers and Teachers for the creation of private classes where slides and notes can be uploaded. Real time student discussions are also possible with this feature\n• The Job portal is another feature where part-time and full-time jobs will be listed by institutions and businesses for students. Students will be able to upload their CV’s/resumes on this feature\n• Students will be able to see on the Froshfeel platform, the kind of courses that are available for study in a particular university, the requirement for these courses, and Froshfeel users will have a guidance tool enabled on the platform that guides them on course selection based on their interest\n• A question and answer forum will be available to users of the Froshfeel platform on Social, Educational and Life style categories. Users will be able to post questions, discuss these questions, get help as well as assist others on this question and answer tool\n• The “deals” feature will enable users to see nearby deals in terms of location. Students will have the ability to like, comment or recommend a deal, and all deals will be carried out using the froins coin.\n• The agenda feature will help students on time management\n• “Events” is a feature that enables the listing of educational, social, etc. events, where users will have the opportunity of seeing future events\n• The “tutors” feature will enable student-tutor connection. It helps students to search and connect with a tutor.\nThank you for any contribution made to this grant\n"}]}

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