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{"ops":[{"insert":"#HumansOfEthereum is a new podcast and YouTube show that's dedicated to discovering and sharing the human stories behind the projects and the technology that power Ethereum. It primarily highlights people and projects that are doing important work in the ecosystem that's less well known, underappreciated, and/or underfunded. A new episode is released every week featuring an interview that tells the story of one incredible human in the Ethereum community.\n\nThe show is produced completely on a volunteer basis and has no sponsors. It's an open project that anyone is free to contribute to. Funds will be used to develop the brand (logo, website, video clips, music, etc.), improve production quality, and conduct more interviews with more humans!\n"}]}
2019 July 18 - A hackathon a day keeps the dayjob blues away. Checkout Gitcoin's virtual hackathon!