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Whiteblock is a blockchain testing lab. We have recently released a SaaS product offering of our blockchain testing framework. While this is a subscription-based product, we are also developing an open-source version to provide the community with the tools they need to test blockchain protocols and applications, troubleshoot, find out what works and what doesn't, and build better solutions. In addition to these product development efforts, our team actively contributes and works with the Ethereum Foundation on various projects, including 1.x and 2.0 research and development initiatives. A Gitcoin grant will allow the Whiteblock team to continue dedicating resources to our Ethereum related research and testing initiatives while developing the open-source framework to contribute to the progress of the space as a whole. We will use the funding provided to hire a new developer, cover some of the associated overhead costs, and dedicate a greater amount of full-time resources toward these project efforts. Projects to which our team actively contributes: Future goals: - Develop and release open-source framework - Continue research and tests relating to libp2p, sharding, and more - Write reports and publish research and test results


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2019 January 17 - Read Aboutour experiments with Liberal Radicalism on Gitcoin Grants.