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{"ops":[{"insert":"This is the FloydSDK [Typescript API] which serves as a multi-blockchain software development kit that allows developers to utilise multiple blockchain through a single interface. The issue is that when developing decentralised applications, developers tend to be coupled down to a single blockchain, for example, Ethereum (through web3). This SDK allows developers to leverage different blockchain and being able to change the blockchain layer through a single line. \n\nThe current solution supports various functionalities that are enabled by different blockchains such as creating and sending transactions, account management functions, contract deployment and subscription services.\n\nRight now we have Ethereum and Vechain in the pipeline and they are being developed in parallel by our developers. Moreover, in the future, we have planned for more blockchains to be incorporated such as Binance Chain, EOS, etc, however, right now we are trying to architect a really robust interface before venturing to other blockchain. The reason Ethereum and Vechain was chosen to be included in the Minimum Viable Product is because of the extended capabilities of web3. \n\nHowever, we have decided to take these functionalities one step further by architecting a solution that ensures that any transactions made are validated through certain security measures that are in place. For instance, contract deployment would be automatically validated by our interface before deployment, meaning that an issues such as \"insufficient gas\" will be thrown as an error before even deploying. \n\nThe project's goal is to allow developers to build more scalable and robust applications that utilise the blockchain. \n\n\n"}]}

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