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{"ops":[{"insert":" is a free, open-source course on Blockchain protocols and Cryptoeconomics. Our goal is to bring developers to the point where they can start participating in research and making pull requests to the Ethereum 2.0 protocol. The course consists of lectures, a book, and a coding project that will teach students everything from the fundamentals of Cryptoeconomics up to the inner workings of Ethereum 2.0. Funding will go to our team's full-time development of the coding project (1), which will consist of programming assignments implementing the protocols and attacks covered in the lectures (2), as well as interactive testing sandboxes (3) where students can visualize how their protocols and attacks behave in realistic network simulations. (1) Coding Project: Track our progress here: For deliverables, team, and more see: (2) Lectures: (3) MVP of first interactive testing sandbox:\n \n \n \n\n\n \n"}]}
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