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PISA - Financially Accountable Responder





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{"ops":[{"insert":"Hi all,\n\nWe have been researching and building out a watchtower for off-chain protocols.\n\nOver the past few months, it occurred to us that our watchtower is more of a \"responder\" and it is useful for most smart contracts in Ethereum.\n\nWhat do I mean by that? Essentially, you can hire PISA to watch and respond for any on-chain event ethereum.\n\nNeed to reveal your bid in an auction? PISA can do it. \nNeed to send more eth to your CDP? PISA can do it. \n\nIt is pretty sweet, users can go offline knowing that the two-step protocol will eventually be completed. \n\nBut why is it financial accountable? Well PISA provides the customer with a signed receipt that if the job isn't completed, then it will refund the customer a pre-agreed amount (i.e. it takes on some financial liability). \n\nSo if PISA fails to provide a quality of service, the customer can force PISA to send a refund via the PISA on-chain contract.\n\nAt first we marketed PISA as a scalability solution, but really it is a usability solution. It'll help dapp developers via a simple API to watch for on-chain events. Speeding up the dapp development process and essentially improving the user experience. \n\nWe are 100% grant funded at the moment which provides us flexibility to build it out and better understand how it is useful. We hope the community continue to support us with this project. \n\nWhile the grant is for the project, our team helps out more generally with the eco-system. We try to provide in-depth technical talks/blogs/papers to better summarise and advance the incredible technical innovation in Ethereum, we privately advise off-chain scalability projects and support free developer training workshops to help build the community. \n"}]}

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