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{"ops":[{"insert":"\"With Tellor, we have a competition to put data on-chain (PoW), so liveness is a crypto-economic guarantee.\""},{"attributes":{"header":2},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"What is Tellor?"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Tellor is a decentralized oracle built to bring "},{"attributes":{"underline":true},"insert":"censorship-resistant"},{"insert":" data onto Ethereum. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"How does Tellor work?"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"Tellor use a network of staked PoW miners as data providers who fetch off-chain data for requesters and submit it to our on-chain price feed. All of our data is crypto-economically secured and disputable in the case of a bad or malicious submission. Our miners (data providers) must lock up a stake of 1000 TRB in order to participate, and this stake can be slashed in the case of a dispute.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Why we are asking for your help."},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"We did "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"no pre-mine, ICO, or IEO - "},{"insert":"as these things throw a monkey-wrench into the incentives and censorship-resistance of any decentralized project. We knew being self-sustainable would be a hard road but a necessary one to achieve our goals. \n\nAny donation is greatly appreciated and will go directly to our development efforts. Thank you so much! \n\nFor more info about tellor and to join our community:"},{"attributes":{"header":3},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://www.tellor.io"},"insert":"website"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://t.me/tellor"},"insert":"telegram"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://www.twitter.com/wearetellor"},"insert":"twitter"},{"attributes":{"list":"bullet"},"insert":"\n"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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