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The Coin Republic - By the Coins, From the Coins, For the Coins





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{"ops":[{"attributes":{"link":"https://www.thecoinrepublic.com/"},"insert":"TheCoinRepublic"},{"insert":"\n\nOut of every $1 invested in Silicon Valley, $0.40 goes to Google and Facebook for marketing, the same applies to blockchain and crypto projects.\n\nThecoinrepublic.com is an effort to create a transparent, unbiased, and cost-effective news source. \n\nWe, as a cryptocurrency news site embarked on a mission leading voice of people in the decentralised economy. \n\nFounded in 2017 by the cryptocurrency enthusiasts and rebellions dedicated to fight against the centralised system and create a transparent and decentralised platform to provide the daily dose of cryptocurrency and blockchain space.\n\nWe are here to bring the change and give necessary coverage to world-changing blockchain projects in a very cost-effective budget. We want every bit of investment should go on the development of the project, not on marketing.\n\nThecoinrepublic narrative inspires and educates people who are not aware of cryptocurrency, decentralisation, and blockchain. \n\nThecoinrepublic is capable of breaking barriers between the real world and crypto-verse. Our news and features specially tailored for crypto enthusiasts, novice traders and every person in cryptocurrency space. \n\nWe give people a platform to bring their voice to the world. We thrive on delivering the most unbiased news without getting influenced by money and power.\n\nWe are a one-stop source when it comes to maximum coverage at a very affordable cost. Thecoinrepublic aims to create an ecosystem to support new and stabilised cryptocurrency and blockchain-based projects. We have a working News website, and we are asking for this grant for expansion and growth of Thecoinrepublic and it's content, to make it available for more people across the world.\n\nHelp Fund Thecoinrepublic Here!\n"}]}

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