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Trust Graphic Novel

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{"ops":[{"insert":"Read our latest update:"},{"attributes":{"background":"#ffffff"},"insert":" "},{"attributes":{"background":"#ffffff","color":"var(--link-color)","link":"https://medium.com/@anneconnelly/trust-graphic-novel-c087f9f7ad59"},"insert":"https://medium.com/@anneconnelly/trust-graphic-novel-c087f9f7ad59"},{"insert":" \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Trust is a graphic novel that tells the story of a young Kenyan woman who learns about blockchain and uses it to transform her community."},{"insert":" The goal of the project is to grow the global blockchain community in the locations where people’s lives will be most transformed by the impact - in developing countries. By telling a story that is culturally relevant, we can help our readers see a future that is free from the issues they experience in their daily lives, while also providing them with the tools to create that future. The book will directly cover the basics, but it will also link to online blogs and other learning resources to "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"help readers take the next step to becoming crypto users, entrepreneurs, and developers"},{"insert":". We want to inspire the next generation of Africans to build with blockchain and be an integral part of the community.\n\nWe believe that the best way to build the best blockchain ecosystem possible and grow the community is to increase the number and the diversity of people building it. To achieve this, we will distribute an open-access, mobile-first digital version through key partnerships with tech and education networks.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Our goal is to reach over 1 million African youth. "},{"insert":"\n\nThe team includes graphic novelist and storyteller Chief Nyamweya of Kenya, and blockchain educator and investor, Anne Connelly of Canada. To date, we have created the first chapter, mapped out the characters and storyline, secured a publisher and begun making key partnerships in the space to support the distribution of the book.\n\nTo ensure free access for youth across the continent, we are seeking $58K total in funding for a six month project. Funding will support the artist's salary, partnership development, and the creation of the digital booksite.\n\n\n"}]}

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