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Beginner and Advanced DApp Programming Tutorials from @danlipert on YouTube





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{"ops":[{"insert":"Hey folks - my name is Dan Lipert and yes, I am a member of the Gitcoin Core Team - but in my spare time, I create free tutorials, how-to videos, and smart contract analysis videos on YouTube. I love creating these videos, even though it can be very time consuming... but its worth it because I bring in so many people into the Ethereum dev community - "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"#1milliondevs"},{"insert":" !\n\nWith your support I'll be able to put out more videos on more topics and continue to mentor new developers and provide one-on-one support for them as they work on their projects.\n\nIn the past i've done contract analysis on the USDC contract, talked about advanced Solidity testing techniques, created a first-time DApp developer series, interviewed the people behind fantastic Ethereum projects, and more! If you contribute (or even if you don't!) let me know what type of content you'd like to see! Most of my videos started as suggestions from my subscribers, so your feedback is invaluable.\n\nThanks!\n"}]}

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