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rocketh, a smart contract tool focusing on test and deployment.





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{"ops":[{"insert":"rocketh is at its core, very simple: it provide a ethereum web3 provider and add configuration imfortmation.\nYou can use it to simply connect to a remote node, run your test or even launch your contract on the mainnet\nIn test mode it simply provide you with the contract abi and bytecode and an ethereum provider. This means you are completely free to use any web3 library you wish. Similarly you are free to use any test runner of your choice. No gatekeeping!\n\nIt can also run as a standalone node providing you with the necessary info to run it with a frontend of your choice\n\nBut I think where rocketh shine is in its deployment facilities.\n\nIt allow you to run test as if every contract you deployed were already there.\nit offers you named accounts so you can configure your mainnet multisig and test the same on a local network.\nIt provide you with tx recovery so you are never afraid to launch the deployment on the mainnet. If the tx take forever, you an resume later or execute a new one later.\n\n\n"}]}

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