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{"ops":[{"insert":"Currently there are more than 1000 DAOs deployed, spread over different platforms (e.g. Aragon, Moloch, Daostack Alchemy, as well as MakerDAO, Cosmos, Tezos governance). These DAOs are not necessary populated by unique people: it is anticipated for a person to participate in multiple DAOs. With different DAOs spread over different platforms, this situation easily becomes more than an active participant could comfortably handle with tools available now.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"The goal of this project is to provide a user with a single tool to manage all his or her DAO-activity."},{"insert":"\n\nThe project started as an idea on "},{"attributes":{"color":"#337ab7","link":"https://devpost.com/software/my-dao-dashboard"},"insert":"ETHBerlinZwei"},{"insert":" (at which we won The Graph and dHack bounties) and afterwards kept the effort going as an open-source project with bi-weekly community-calls. This attracted active participation from others and resulted in a promising starting point and functional product.\n\nFurther expanding our efforts, with lessons learned and insights gained, we are going to address the problem through a set of well-considered components, resulting in a light user-centric tool serving as a DAO-client that abstracts over the complexities of blockchain and the current decentralised infrastructure. \n\nEventually, the project will be aiming for self-sustainablity. During various talks, we confirmed even willingness to pay for services offered by certain components (e.g. Daoscan API) of this solution by involved parties.\n"}]}

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