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GrantOps mission is to support blockchain projects to apply for available grants. After working on grant proposals for Giveth initiatives and seeing related projects in need of support, it became clear that there are a range of grant programs available to fund blockchain based projects, and that there are many projects that could benefit from grant funding. Whether projects are nonprofit or for profit, grant funding can be instrumental in making critical projects a reality. Unfortunately, many experience barriers to accessing these funds. A lack of awareness of what funding is available and how to apply, lack of confidence in submitting proposals, and a lack of expertise in developing proposals are holding potential grantees back from accessing the support they need. GrantOps was designed to be an independent, non-profit, support-focused entity. The ultimate goal of the support was, and remains, the betterment of the blockchain ecosystem (historically focused on Ethereum specifically). Currently, GrantOps is focused on providing proposal development support to potential grantees, including: -One on one support to potential grantees to identify relevant opportunities if applicable -Providing templates, outlines and targeted questions to support proposal drafting -Reviewing and editing proposals from an experienced external perspective Due to limited capacity GrantOps is currently marketed largely by word of mouth. For more information on projects supported so far, our finances or anything else, please feel free to reach out. GrantOps is supported entirely by donations. Donation's received will ensure GrantOps can continue to provide support. Eventually, with enough donations capacity can expand and a dedicated GrantOps website with resources for potential grantees can be set up to increase our impact.

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