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Cryptomaniac- Crypto Blog with Media and Entertainment Content





37 DAI
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{"ops":[{"insert":"Dear Defi, ethereum ecosystem ,open source and crypto supporters. \n\n\nI am an avid crypto enthusiast and an independent artist. I want to start a crypto blog with latest technical updates in Defi sector and also want to produce entertaining contents in form of songs and media to make the noise about nascent sector.\n\n\nYou can have a look up on my linkedin profile and check my skills and experience related to tech, crypto and music \n\n\nhttps://www.linkedin.com/in/rockermohit\n\nRoadmap - \n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://imgur.com/a/h5horNw"},"insert":"https://imgur.com/a/h5horNw"},{"insert":"\nEmail- coolcryptomaniac@gmail.com\n \n\nHow will i use the funds\n\n\n1- Domain is already secured, funds will be used to secure hosting - 100-150 DAI (approx cost) \n\n\n2- 1 articulate blog article per day and 2-5( most in english and some in local language hindi) crypto songs per month 700-800 DAI(approx cost) - rest funds will be used for promotion, marketing , local events and meetups 300-500 DAI( approx cost) and rest savings for emergency needs \n\n\n3-Free Interviews and promotions in blog for the open source projects getting funds from the gitcoin grants to support the ecosystem\n\n\n4- Eventually the blog and content will be moved to some decentralized web 3.0 host whenever a reliable service is available and will be run on both web 2.0 and web 3.0 till web 2.0 is relevant\n\n\n5- The blog is unique in the sense as it will have both knowledge and entertainment and will appeal to mass users in long run\n\n\n6- All gitcoin backed open source projects will be time to time featured and promoted in the blog without any cost , supporting this project means supporting any gitcoin open source project \n\n\n7- Special emphasis and partnership will be put on projects based in India and local events will be conducted by me on time to time basis specially in Mumbai - Financial capital of India\n\n\n8- Early and big contributors will get special hall of fame page dedictaed to them \n\n\n9- Monthly status and progress report will be sent to all contributors \n\n10- Good Suggestions from contributors are welcomed and will be implemented wherever possible\n\n\nWhat contributors will get-\n\n\n1- All contributors will be credited in blog and songs \n\n\n2- when blog and media starts\n\nearning significant revenue ,the earnings will be shared back to contributors in 80 ratio 20 ..i.e 80% earnings to contributors and 20% to blog on monthly basis till technology becomes reliable to distribute the earnings on weekly or daily basis, the moment blog becomes self sufficient(blog earnings sufficient to provide operations) no more monthly contribution will be asked from contributors , and they will keep getting the earning share for lifetime\n\n\n3- A deep hearted thank you from my heart in supporting the revolution in defi space and in my quest\n\n\nKindly mail me at coolcryptomaniac@gmail.com for any query or partnership.. .will be happy to answer your questions.\n\n\n"}]}

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