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{"ops":[{"insert":"Swap box is an open source software project for serverless & exchangeless crypto cash machines.  \n\nExchanges take place on Uniswap (stablecoin<->user desired currency). We are currently working on adding support for Synthetix for additional currency support (stablecoins)\n\nThis eliminates volatility risk for the operator of the machine, who effectively just needs to exchange banknotes for stablecoins, the rest of the price action happens via DEX as needed.\n\nFor example using the xCHF stable coin, this also allows operators to completely bypass bank infrastructure (it is possible to deposit/withdraw large amounts of CHF(cash) from the vault backing xCHF tokens once per month; currently many operators depend on their bank to accept cash deposits which they then wire to an exchange to refill crypto wallets used to serve users)\n\nThe software is optimized for RaspberryPi and we use a NanoPC-T4 for ethereum full node in each machine (light client is also possible on raspi)\n\n\nSome of our current short term goals:\n\n- Improve stability / monitoring & installation (https://github.com/TrueLevelSA/swap-box)\n- Create a GUI setup wizard (currently lots of command line stuff)\n- Finalize admin dApp (https://github.com/TrueLevelSA/swap-box-admin)\n- Write tests for experimental Synthetix integration (support for sEUR etc) (https://github.com/TrueLevelSA/swap-box-contract)\n\n\nIn the future we would also like to work on adding support for Fujitsu F56 cashout device as the NV200 we currently use isnt as robust.\n\nSome videos & pics of test machine in action:\nhttps://twitter.com/UniswapExchange/status/1164239629861695489\nhttps://twitter.com/TruelevelSa/status/1165329028355678209\n"}]}

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