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{"ops":[{"insert":"DAOcast is an attempt at Exploring the frontiers of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Distributed Self-Organizing. It’s a podcast-style research platform composed of interviews with DAO researchers, developers and enthusiasts. The interviews always keep a casual tone. Free-flowing and inquiry-based conversations are what we aim for.\n\nIn total, the show has delivered 28 interviews with the makers of the DAO world. As well as setting up the "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://twitter.com/DAO_cast/status/1217793111658762244"},"insert":"DAOline"},{"insert":", a place for DAO enthusiasts to distributively connect and build community bonds across projects.\n\nSo far, DAOcast has been running mostly as a volunteering project. There has been only a one-off monetizing experiment, with "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ifwyPBI1dwYaCNH2fmF3ptHgb6gohStY_iLx3Rog0XE/edit"},"insert":"a proposal to Genesis DAO"},{"insert":". With that, the show has created and delivered \"DAO to Earth\", a series of interviews with Genesis members investigating what it means to be part of a decentralized organization.\n\nTherefore, the funds raised through this grant will be used to keep the show running, allowing for a greater frequency of interviews, as well as R&D for the deployment of the DAOcast DAO. The dream is to have such a DAO functioning as an umbrella for many different kinds of podcasts.\n\nDanilo is the author of this grant and DAOcast's host and co-creator. He is fascinated by "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://dnllvrvz.github.io/"},"insert":"everything Complexity related"},{"insert":", from fungi mycelium, to cultural evolution, to distributed computer networks. He’s worked as a community manager at DAOstack during the project’s ICO.\n"}]}

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