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{"ops":[{"insert":"I’m trying to figure out a way to popularize ENS domains and make the whole concept easier to understand for general public. \nSo I started this project: dollet.eth\n\nI think the concept of ENS could be even easier to grasp by newcomers if there was a more direct explanation coming with the name ENS. I’m a strong believer in super simplification and every day see people getting confused over just the tiniest instruction inaccuracies or ambiguity and it’s particularly sad thinking how many people still choose NOT to read up on ens because it SOUNDS difficult. The guys at ENS did a great job at making it all easier recently, but I think there’s still room for further simplification. \n\nMany people know what a crypto wallet is because everyone heard of crypto and everyone heard of wallets. So the concept of a “crypto wallet” is quite easy to grasp. But ENS, much like IPFS sounds complicated even when you find out what it stands for. Ethereum is fine,  everyone knows Ethereum, but the name service part doesn’t contain any immediate easy clarification.\n\nIn my opinion, there are 2 most important and easy to understand functions of .eth\nFirst. It’s a domain\nAnd second. It’s a wallet.\nBut the revolutionary part to me is that these two concepts are combined in one for the first time ever. Everyone knows you can have a website, everyone knows you can have a wallet. But people don’t quite grasp so easily that it can be one thing. Because it never happened before. There’s no analog. So we need an easy phrase or better yet a word. And it should come from these two most important functions. Domain and Wallet. The only word that comes to my mind is dollet. \n\nWe need a word that we can use with “do you have a...?’’ If we say “do you have an ens domain?’’ People have to ask what ens is. Even just saying “do you have an Ethereum domain?” would be more efficient. “Ethereum” is longer than “ens”, but at least people know what it means.\nAlthough in that case we leave out that it’s a wallet too. Not everyone needs a domain. Much more people just need wallets. Probably even “do you have Ethereum domain wallet? (Edw)” would work better than “ens” but it’s 5 syllables when you pronounce it and I think even 3 syllables is already too long. That’s why NFT turns to nifty. \n\nLilsiri.eth Ξ\n"}]}

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