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The FISSION Codes project aims to bring standardized messaging to blockchain smart contract systems. Similar to HTTP Status Codes, FISSION Codes provide a shared set of signals to allow smart contracts to react to situations autonomously, expose localized error messages to users, and so on. Read more on the motivations behind the status codes design: We have created three Ethereum application standards to date, including ERC1066 Status Codes, ERC1444 Message Localization, and ERC902 Token Validation, that all work together. Status Codes are also in Draft for the Ethereum Classic chain. We support implementors and other standard creators, including the ERC1400 Security Token Standards, who are building on top of FISSION Codes. Brooke @expede and Boris @bmann are the two main leads on the project. We would like to fund more work with bounties on implementation of contracts that use status codes, audits of re-usable contracts, and continue growing the number of languages supported by FISSION Translate. This grant will allow us to commit on-going maintenance, new standard creation, implementation for other smart contract and programming languages, other blockchains, and actively dedicate time to continuing to improve, evolve, and support the system.
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