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ETHGANG RECORDS crypto art | music label

Grant Accepts Any Token

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{"ops":[{"insert":"Crypto art | music label with a goal to promote and popularize Ethereum, Web3 and Ens+Ipfs dwebsites among artists.\n\nWe now consist of 10 creative units and have an ambitious plan to enroll 100 new projects in 2020.\n\nOur greatest achievement so far was to help Cryptowieners venue to organize the biggest virtual reality live concert in Origin City in Cryptovoxels and involve such organisations as status.im, kickback.events and DAOrecords. \n \nWANT TO JOIN THE GANG?\n\nIt takes some effort to become an EGG 👽(ETH GANG GANGSTER) \n\nFollow this quest, earn $ETH and $EGGS 🥚(reward is paid out once you earn 100 $EGGS) and advance your EGG rank:\n\nMission 1\nrank: normie EGG 🍳\n\nFollow us:\n1. Twitter \n+ 5 $EGGS for a follow\n+ 3 $EGGS for every retweet \n+ 1 $EGG for every like\n2. Discord \n+ 5 $EGGS for joining\n+ 5 $EGGS for each friend joined\n3. Soundcloud \n+ 5 $EGGS for a follow\n+ 7 $EGGS for every like\n+ 10 $EGGS for every repost\n\nMission 2\nrank: soldier EGG 👽🔫\n\nJoin these cool platforms to introduce yourself to Ethereum ecosystem:\n\n1. Status.im \nMessage @Jinho with a promo code ''ETHGANG'' and get 10 SNT\n+ 40 SNT if your register an ENS name\n+ 20 $EGGS for each social media handles (Twitter, Discord) changed to your ENS name\n\n2. Cryptovoxels.com (teleport into our VR studio)\n+ 20 $EGGS if you show up and dance at our online party and sign our guestbook\n\n3. Cent.co (make a post about your art and we will spot it with $ETH)\n+ 20 $EGGS if you mention @ethgang in your post\n+ 1 seed for 3 posts mentioning @ethgang\n\n4. Ujomusic.com (upload your track and we will give you a small ETH tip)\n+ 20 $EGGS for every new upload\n\n5. Audius.co\n+ 10 $EGGS for a like\n+ 20 $EGGS for a repost \n+ 30 $EGGS for a favorite\n\nMission 3\nRank: ai EGG 👽\n1. Collaborate with one of EGGS on your art/music\n+ 50 $EGGS for each collab\n2. Make a Dollet.\n+ 50 $EGGS for mentioning @ethgang on your website\n3. Fund ethgang on Gitcoin.co (1 dai) to make us stronger and get your top rank of an ai EGG 👽\n\nEARNED $EGGS 🥚? SHOP AT EGGSHOP.eth (eggshop.eth.link if you are in a normie browser)\n\n1. @ethstatus stickers (100🥚)\n2. @ensdomains (200)\n3. @gitcoin kudos (300)\n4. @cent shoutouts (400)\n5. @rarible NFT tickets to VR events (500)\n6. @marblecards (600)\n7. @decentraland wearables (700)\n8. @cryptovoxels wearables (800)\n9. @sugarclub membership (900)\n10. @ethgang random exclusive art (1k)\n11. YOUR NAME mentioned in a song (3k)\n\nAnd other goodies from our partners\n\nLOVE ❤️ \nETHGANG 👽\n"}]}

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