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ETHGANG Ξ crypto art | music label


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Crypto art | music label with a goal to promote and popularize Ethereum, Web3 and Ens+Ipfs dwebsites among artists.\n\nWe now consist of 10 creative units and have an ambitious plan to enroll 100 new projects in 2020.\n\nOur greatest achievement so far was to help Cryptowieners venue to organize the biggest virtual reality live concert in Origin City in Cryptovoxels and involve such organisations as status.im, kickback.events and DAOrecords. \n \nOur fun voluntary ethgang onboarding quest:\n\nPhase 1.\nRank: normie\n\nConnect with ethgang artists:\n1. Soundcloud\n2. Twitter\n3. Discord\n\nPhase 2.\nRank: ethgang soldier \n\nJoin these platforms as an introduction to Ethereum ecosystem:\n1. Status.im (ask @lilsiri.eth for pocket money, register ENS name and put it in your main social media handles e.g. Twitter, Discord)\n2. Cryptovoxels.com (just fly around, see different artists) \n3. Beta.cent.co (make a post about your art and we will help you seed it) \n4. Ujomusic.com (upload your track and we will give you a small tip) \n5. Audius.co (upload your track and we will stream it)\n\nPhase 3. \nRank: ethgang beast\n\n1. Start looking around for potential next candidates that you would like to invite into the ethgang. \n2. Start learning how to make a Dollet. (visit: https://dollet.eth.link)\nSome no coding tools to help you: Carrd.co ; Deocities.org\n3. Fund ethgang on Gitcoin.co (1 dai) to make this project stronger.\n\nLove ❤️ \nLilsiri.eth\n"}]}

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