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3-Day Technical "Virtual" DeFi Summit (May 1st-3rd) by Dystopia Labs





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{"ops":[{"insert":"Greetings! "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Name is "},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"link":"https://twitter.com/hsinjuchuang"},"insert":"Hsin-Ju"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"."},{"insert":" I started "},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"link":"http://dystopialabs.com/"},"insert":"Dystopia Labs"},{"insert":" as a passion project to help blockchain entrepreneurs: 1) overcome technical knowledge gaps 2) earn some side hustle money 3) and learn how to build better (and more secure) decentralized startups. "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Almost 3,000 people have been leveling up via our virtual summits since "},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"link":"http://trust-less-2020.dystopialabs.com/"},"insert":"our launch in February"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":". "},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"We strongly believe that knowledge should be open-source. "},{"insert":"This is why we're committed to keeping all of our summits 100% free & virtual so that people can learn from anywhere in the world. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"What This Grant Will Be Used For: "},{"insert":"\nWe are raising $$ to help support "},{"attributes":{"bold":true,"link":"http://defi-discussions.dystopialabs.com/"},"insert":"DeFi Discussions"},{"insert":" by which is a "},{"attributes":{"link":"http://defi-discussions.dystopialabs.com/"},"insert":"3-Day Technical (Virtual) DeFi event "},{"insert":"that'll take place from May 1st -3rd. The speaker lineup is super impressive (and we've put a lot of time & $$ into making it successful). This grant will be used to help us keep our upcoming DeFi Discussions summit 100% free for attendees. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"Speakers Include: "},{"insert":"\n- Austin Griffith, Ethereum Foundation; Burner Wallet & ETH.BUILD\n- Luke Youngblood, Exec at Coinbase Custody\n- Taylor Monahan, Founder & CEO of MyCrypto\n- Gavin McDermott, Engineering & Research at IDEO\n- Allison Lu, Co-Founder of UMA; Ex-VP at Goldman Sachs\n- Alex Wearn, Founder & CEO of IDEX\n- Steven McClurg, Co-Founder of PayDrop; Ex-Managing Director at Guggenheim\n- Peter Yuan Pan, Summoner & Operator of MetaCartel\n- Hugh Karp, Co-Founder & CEO of Nexus Mutual\n- Aparna Krishnan, Co-Founder & CTO of Opyn\n- Michael Feng, CEO & Co-Founder of Hummingbot\n- Thibaut Sahaghian, CEO of Multis\n- Noah Zinsmeister, Engineering Lead at Uniswap\n- Felix Feng, CEO & Co-Founder of Set Protocol\n- Benedict Chan, CTO of Bitgo\n- and more! \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"See entire speaker list here:"},{"insert":" "},{"attributes":{"link":"http://defi-discussions.dystopialabs.com/"},"insert":"http://defi-discussions.dystopialabs.com/"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"underline":true,"bold":true},"insert":"This DeFi Discussions Summit is co-organized by: "},{"insert":"\n- Hsin-Ju Chuang ("},{"attributes":{"link":"https://twitter.com/hsinjuchuang"},"insert":"https://twitter.com/hsinjuchuang"},{"insert":")\n- Ric Burton ("},{"attributes":{"link":"https://twitter.com/ricburton"},"insert":"https://twitter.com/ricburton"},{"insert":")\n\nTo verify the quality of our events, please do check out our last virtual summit "},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"\"Trust-Less 2020: A Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) Validator Summit\""},{"insert":" which took place on Feb 1st & 2nd. It had 1735+ registrants / 821 attendees + had awesome content that taught devs how to build their own Proof-Of-Stake (PoS) mining startup. Check out the free curriculum / video recordings here: "},{"attributes":{"link":"http://trust-less-2020.dystopialabs.com/"},"insert":"http://trust-less-2020.dystopialabs.com/"},{"insert":"\n\nThanks and appreciate all the support! \n"}]}

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