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In the 21st century, on a blockchain holding billions USD in value, formal specification and verification are an essential tool. Yet the design of the EVM makes this unnecessarily difficult. Further, the design of the EVM makes low-gas-cost, high-performance execution difficult. We propose to move forward with proposals to resolve these problems by tightening the security guarantees and pushing the performance limits of the EVM. The Ethereum Virtual Machine, or EVM, is the core part of the Ethereum ecosystem that powers everything from smart contract features to the consensus semantics. “EVM Evolution” is what we’re calling our collected efforts to improve and extend the EVM, from it’s specification, formal verification, to supporting a variety of implementations. Please visit our website at for additional information and updates on what we've done to date and what our plans are. Some of the areas we intend to work on with this project include: * Jello Paper / Yellow Paper improving and maintaining EVM specification * EIP 615 Subroutines and Static Jumps for the EVM * LLVM-to-EVM Note: we have applied to the Ethereum Foundation for 6 month of funding at this level. The scope of work is more about focusing on this work with dedicated people, and on hitting deadlines related to the hard fork schedule starting with Istanbul later this year Additional funding will be required to bring on more people and for specific aspects of this project. For example, we hope that Trail of Bits can collaborate on the LLVM-to-EVM, or that Runtime Verification works with us in continuing formal verification work. Brooke @expede and Greg Colvin @gcolvin are the technical leads on the project. They are supported by Boris @bmann in project management, operations, and community.

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