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Blockchain Education Network (BEN)


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{"ops":[{"insert":"The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) is the world's largest and longest running network of blockchain students, clubs, professors, and alumni!\n\nBEN is adding Ethereum content to our Playbook https://blockchainedu.org/playbook. Students who complete activities earn BENcoin, which is redeemable for free tickets, flights, and airbnbs to BEN partner conferences.\n\nBEN provides students with blockchain educational resources, mentorship, guidance, leadership training, job opportunities and opportunities.\n\nWe have hosted airbnbs for dozes of students at Miami Blockchain Week, San Francisco Blockchain Week, Boston Blockchain Week, and more. We even flew 5 students from BEN India to the MIT Bitcoin Expo (and got their visas).\n\nDonations help fund BEN's operations, events, and financial aid for student travel and club events.\n \n"}]}

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