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Mask + Test Kit Mutual Aid Fund

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16,718 DAI



67 DAI
2 contributors

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{"ops":[{"insert":"All the grant of this project will be used to buy Masks and Test Kits and ship these to EU, North America and other parts of the world affected by COVID-19. We will start from people affected by COVID-19 within our small ETH/crypto/blockchain community. \n\nThe Masks and Kits will be bought from manufactures in Asia (mainland China, South East Asia, etc). Since the transaction of the fiat money is not on-chain, we will provide as many info and be as transparent as we can.\n\nFor now, we've secured several manufacturers and providers of masks and kits, several shipment of small amount of masks and kits are on its way. We want to help as many as we can.\n"}]}

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