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DeFi Pulse Registry


Community Defi


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Funds from this Gitcoin grant will go to development of DeFi Pulse Registry: a new directory of DeFi projects committed to transparency about user risk. \n\nThe addition of DeFi Pulse Registry to DeFi Pulse will help users make better decisions by making it easy to find reliable info about concerns like centralization risk (e.g., risks posed by a project's handling of admin privileges, economic risk (e.g., soundness of a project's economic model and assumptions) and security risk (e.g., thoroughness and findings of audits). In time, we will look to decentralize the management of this registry as part of a broader effort to decentralize DeFi Pulse. \n\nDeFi's exponential growth over the last year or so has been amazing. We think DeFi can maintain that growth rate by leveraging some of our space's most attractive features: openness and trust.  \n\nMost new users know the general risks of crypto and DeFi, but things change so fast, and users struggle to get a true sense of each protocol's specific risks. Still, they trust us by locking lots of real value in our protocols and apps. Then when something goes wrong, many feel blindsided or betrayed and leave the space for good. \n\nWe can build stronger relationships with users by trusting them with complete, current info about the risks they face. A DeFi protocol user with full knowledge of all risks involved is more likely to return after a loss than a user who was simply cautioned to do her own research and avoid risking too much money. DeFi Pulse Registry aims to build trust with users through openness about risk.  \n\nDeFi Pulse is part of Concourse Open Community (along with projects like DEX.AG and ETH Gas Station). We're a small, distributed team, and we've been fully self-funded since our start in 2017. We're only interested in outside funding that doesn't require compromising our core values. \n\nFind us on "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://twitter.com/defipulse"},"insert":"Twitter"},{"insert":" or "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://discord.gg/y7qSf4A"},"insert":"Discord"},{"insert":" to see what else we're building or just say hi.\n\nP.S. 1 DAI => 100 Points\n\n"}]}

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