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Loan Shark


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Loan Shark is an NFT leasing marketplace, enabling trustless & secure lending and borrowing of NFTs where you stream the payment by the second. \n\nWe are heavily involved in the NFT space and believe there exists the need for NFT collectors to be able to trustlessly lease their hard-earned NFTs to those willing to leverage the utility and prowess which they hold within.\n\nImagine getting to the final level of a game and needing a badass weapon. Not being able to afford it, you should be able to rent the item for a set period of time e.g. 1 hour to play and complete the game!\n\nImagine an avid CryptoArt collector who has amassed a collection from the dopest crypto artists in the space. Then take a CryptoVoxels / Decentraland / MetaVerse landlord looking for some killer artworks to use in the opening of a new plot. Well, now the collector can safely lend their NFT for, say, 7 days at a set price knowing that at the end, the artwork is safe and sound back in their wallet.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"What it Does"},{"insert":"\nLoanShark blends NFTs with DeFi in the form of streamed payments powered by the Sablier protocol. "},{"attributes":{"color":"#2d9eb2","link":"https://www.sablier.finance/"},"insert":"https://www.sablier.finance"},{"insert":"\n\nLoanShark is a lease marketplace that can wrap any standard ERC721 NFT, proxying through all methods of the original NFT as well as enabling a payment stream between the lender and the borrower.\n\nThe NFT looks, tastes and smells like the original. However, it is encased within the LoanShark contract which has the power to always “return” the NFT back to the owner and which will facilitate the payment between the two parties involved.\n\n"},{"attributes":{"background":"#ffffff","color":"#575553"},"insert":"Vimeo video - "},{"attributes":{"background":"#ffffff","color":"#2d9eb2","link":"https://vimeo.com/user109147274/review/394688995/05b5f6038e"},"insert":"https://vimeo.com/user109147274/review/394688995/05b5f6038e"},{"insert":"\n\n\n"}]}

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