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Atstake: A marketplace for any kind of contract between two people





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{"ops":[{"insert":"Atstake is a tool for fairly enforcing two-person agreements where one or both of you stake ETH or ERC20 tokens which are later distributed in any way between you based on any criteria. Atstake also contains a marketplace for finding counterparties.\n\nAtstake includes escrow but is more general: because it allows both people to stake money it can be used in many other cases as a lightweight replacement for the legal system. Disputes are resolved by an arbitrator who both parties agree to in advance. The arbitrator can be any ETH address.\n\nUnder the hood Atstake uses a 2-of-3 multisig system: two people among the counterparties and arbitrator have to agree before funds are moved. This means a single dishonest party can't cause an unfair outcome.\n\nWe're live on Mainnet at https://atstake.net/.\n\nWe've been working on Atstake as a public good since the summer of 2018. There are no fees and we don't intend to make money from it. We created Atstake because we think it would be cool to have a good way within the Ethereum ecosystem to fairly enforce two-person contracts.\n\nWe won't use any of the grant funds to pay ourselves for working on Atstake. We work on this for free and will continue doing so. These are the two main areas that we're looking to spend grant funds on:\n\n(1) Paying for a professional audit of our open source contracts (https://github.com/atstake/atstake).\n(2) Paying a frontend developer to make our UI better.\n"}]}

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