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RealityLearn: Teaching the world about blockchain


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{"ops":[{"insert":"RealityLearn is a mobile app to be launched on the App Store soon. It uses augmented reality and machine learning to create hyper personalized and interactive learning for users. So anybody around the world can get an hyper personalized and interactive learning experience from everything from blockchain to political science. However, the problem is that the since I'm a 14 year old, who is from a low income household in Toronto, Canada managing enough money to cover the cost to launch this on the app store to users is extremely tough. I've met with employees at Apple Canada and Coursera regarding this product and it has a huge potential to help the blockchain community grow. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Why should you contribute?"},{"insert":"\n\nI've built several projects in blockchain, machine learning, and augmented reality. I'm extremely close to launching this product. I've been spending months optimizing to build a product people want, and if you can contribute to this product. Imagine what good it could do for the blockchain community. A huge issue in blockchain right now is that 1. People don't understand what it is and 2. There's no good way to explain what it is. With RealityLearn we can help more people learn about topics such as cryptocurrency and blockchain. In order to validate my product I spent weeks cold email tons of professional in the e learning sector in order to get feedback on the product. A small contribute by you can help enable a teenager like me to make a huge impact on the world :)\n\n\n"}]}

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