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{"ops":[{"insert":"Microsponsors is a monetization solution for Creators of all kinds. Our time slot NFTs can represent scheduled contextual advertising in podcasts, videos, newsletters, games, as well as freelancing and labor of all kinds. Ethereum has very few native DeFi solutions so far for use-cases such as these.\n\nOur dapp helps creators easily Mint + Auction Time Slots as NFTs in our decentralized exchange. To learn more about how it works check out our new video on YouTube: \n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0vQAFoWmDY"},"insert":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0vQAFoWmDY"},{"insert":"\n\nBecause I wanted to build something that is P2P, a rough version was hacked together during the 0x.org Protocol's hackathon early last year. By May the project had a grant from the 0x.org team and finally, just last week we launched to Mainnet.\n\nWhy start with tokenizing time? \n\nTime is the scarcest asset of all. It measures our attention, our labor and is an excellent first building block in what could one day be a neutral, community owned infrastructure for monetizing creative work and privacy-centric marketing with Web3. \n\nWhat is the Microsponsors Federation?\n\nIn the long view, Microsponsors' tokenized time slots ($MSPTs) could serve many different use-cases and types of marketplaces. Already we've been approached with some pretty interesting ideas that I would not have thought of. The goal is to make Microsponsors a Federation of marketplaces operated by different organizations, each working autonomously with the same underlying infrastructure. \n\nPlease fund this project(!) and feel free to reach out if you have an interesting use-case: \nhello /@/ microsponsors.io\n\nThanks!!!\n"}]}

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