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LeapDAO - building a home for dApps on layer-2 ❤


5,015 DAI

of 7,000 DAI goal


15,264 DAI

{"ops":[{"insert":"Ethereum, being the first world computer, has spurred a cambrian explosion of dApps. Yet its capacity is limited — when gas prices surge, high-transaction-volume use-cases and low-value transactions are pushed off the chain. LeapDAO exist to create and maintain an execution environment to host these use-cases, by this increasing the capacity of Ethereum and widening the scope of possible Dapps in the Ethereum ecosystem. Plasma Leap extends the More Viable Plasma dialect with the ability to execute plapps (plasma apps) and enforcer the correct execution of the application logic off-chain using solEVM (EVM in EVM). Writing a new plapp is as simple as writing a special type of smart contract, called a spending condition, and deploying it to Plasma. Anyone can use your plapp by interacting with your spending condition. The interaction is cheaper, faster and gas can be payed in any ERC20 registered with the Plasma chain.\n \n \n \n\n\n \n"}]}
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