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Geoma DAO


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Greetings ! \n\n \n\nWe are more than happy to announce our first Gitcoin Grand Application !\n\n\n\nLet's learn what Geoma DAO represents:\n\n\n\nThe main idea is very simple: a mutual fund ,managed by the power of a DAO, which creates/invests in different Web-based project/Real-World Projects.\n\n\n\n We will keep this simple, pragmatic and to the point. Blockchain Technology was designed to be disruptive. Disruption comes from decentralisation and autonomy. The DAO or the Decentralised Autonomous Organisation, as a structure, was born the same day Blockchain Technology was revealed to the public.\n\n\n\nIt is, in our opinion, the most advanced model of worldwide human collaboration to date. It is indeed THE NEW ECONOMIC MODEL FOR THE 21 CENTURY.\n\n\n\nThe potential of a DAO is enormous and has still to be explored. It is given by the Intelligence, the Know-How and the high Moral Standards of its contributors. The contributors can make progressive proposals within the DAO targeting\n\ninnovative technologies from different sectors like Energy, Farming, Healthcare,Education, Insurance just to mention some examples.\n\n\n\n The performance of the DAO increases manyfold if it can operate in the physical world.And exactly this is what the GEOMA DAO will achieve:Create CASHFLOW AND WEALTH FOR IT'S CONTRIBUTORS\n\n\n\nSocial Channels:\n\nTwitter (https://twitter.com/thegeomadao)\nTelegram (https://t.me/geomachat)\nGithub (https://github.com/Arthur267)\nWebsite (http://thegeomadao.com/)\nYoutube (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCys4E09zDz9xjlyKiBZwr_g?view_as=subscriber)\nMedium (https://medium.com/@poap) \nBitcointalk Ann (https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5216619.0)\n"}]}

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