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EthAddress Stats Utility Dashboard


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Ever wondered how much in tokens, or locked up in smart contracts, or otherwise-Ethereum (or other valuables) that you have access to? This project aims to create an Ethereum dashboard where you can input your Eth address (or addresses!) and this will show you various statistics about your account - # of transactions, # of contracts interacted with and deployed, etc.\n\nHowever, the real meat of this project is that, after inputting your address, the server will scan for any previously-unknown funds that you may have - for example, sitting leftover from having used them in a bid for an ENS address, leftover on an old DEX that you forgot about - things like that!\n\nAs a developer myself with many used addresses, I've used the base script to find many lost funds, change here and there that added up to a decent chunk that I wouldn't have found otherwise.\n"}]}

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