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Transaction Pending - A Crypto Podcast


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Transaction Pending is a cryptocurrency podcast focused on concise clear objective information on news and opportunities in the crypto space for investors, developers, and players, framed in true firsthand stories.\n\nWe play investigative journalists and bring in guests with crazy stories of their real life experiences on projects that mooned and projects that were doomed. Guests already lined up include the founder of the largest Ethereum Casino, a team of strangers who paid to fly halfway around the world to have their own private hackathon, and a man who's smart contract landed him in jail and then deported. Think Reply All meets Darknet Diaries for a nooner on the blockchain.\n\nAs co-hosts, Grey is comedy and journalism first, business/investing second and crypto third, while Caleb is crypto alpha and omega and keeps things fucking on track.\n"}]}

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