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Ara - open source voice assistant





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{"ops":[{"insert":"Ara is an open source voice assistant that values privacy and productivity. Ara started a little over a year ago with the desire to make a good voice assistant that didn't spy on me over time it has gown and changed many times. these changes have happened in these two repos:\n\n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://github.com/FultonBrowne/Ara-android"},"insert":"https://github.com/FultonBrowne/Ara-android"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"link":"https://github.com/FultonBrowne/Ara-Server"},"insert":"https://github.com/FultonBrowne/Ara-Server"},{"insert":"\n\nAra uses a couple of core technologies to make everything work Mozilla deep speech, Apache OpenNlp, and a database. using these technologies I have developed a fast, open, and efficient system for the future.\n\nso why do I need money?\n\nFirst off is cloud cost, its NOT cheap, then I have several issues I don't have the time to accomplish, I would love to fund issues and hackathons to help tackle some of these and grow a community; and finally there is gear my phone is old and I will frequently have issue that don't effect my phone but effects much newer devices, I would also love to build an IOS app which requires a mac, I don't have one and they are not cheap.\n\n\nIf you do choose to help out my project I will keep you up to date and in the know as much as I can, on Dev.to, fulton.software, and here on gitcoin.\n\n\nif you have any questions feel free to email me here: "},{"attributes":{"color":"#555555"},"insert":"fultonbrowne@protonmail.com"},{"insert":"\n"}]}

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