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Blockchain House Uganda





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Community Education Defi


{"ops":[{"insert":"Project Title: Blockchain House Uganda\nRegion: Central, Kampala\nSector: Blockchain\nCountry: Uganda\nEstimated start date: 25/06/ 2020\nSector: Education and development in Blockchain\nEstimated budget Total: $6600\n\nOverview\nBlockchain House Uganda will be center for creating Blockchain and crypto awareness, adoption, educational materials and other opportunities to the local communities of Uganda.\nThere are many emerging blockchain Use cases, however most of them are very complex to be understood by local communities.\nWe have come up with strategies that will help to break the complicity to through providing blckchain educational materials and courses, developing simpler use cases that can be used by any one in our country.\nOur Blockchain House will primarily be used as;\n路 Workspace/dev hub to create our own dedicated tools\n路 Event space for educational courses and Meetups\n路 Internship opportunities for University students\n路 Happy pay remittance\n路 The house itself will have fiat exchange to sustain the rent of our house\n\nGOALS\nCreate a local blockchain developers community in our region\n鈥 Prepare our own local bockchain uses cases that can solve some problems in our country\n鈥 Spread Crypto awareness to local communities\n鈥 Create Job opportunities\n鈥 Have a community that Understands the Basics of Blockchain hence reduce on scam and Myths through meetups and events hosted on our house\n\nCHALLENGES聽\nIt is always a problem organizing and maintaining a Blockchain community without a specific place, however most of the times Social media is Used to keep in contact.\nFor development purposes an open space is needed where a group of Blockchain enthusiast can always meet to share ideas, and grow together. There are a lot of Myths about Crypto space due to lack of sensitization, complex Use cases, Low awareness and understanding among our community members.\nFor example some local members find it difficult using an exchange to convert Fait to crypto currency and vice versa, moreover, having an account on a crypto exchange since most of them are centralized, they require KYC and in most cases the KYC is not easy to complete hence sometimes this is against privacy and security.\nThe current modes of payments including Mobile money payment systems all over the country have high transaction fees, including the tax with was recently added on by the government.\nThere are a lot of people deep in the villages who are still Un banked, even with the latest technology of mobile Banking, not everyone down in these villages has access to smart phones and Data\nSOLUTIONS\n1. The Blockchain House will be used as a center of education/meetup hosting to sensitize the local people about blockchain technologies.\n2. Work space for developers where they will regularly meetup together to build on use cases that can be used by local members\n3. Developing a blockchain remittance system that can use USSD codes to convert crypto to Fait without registering on exchanges, send and receive cryptos using USSD codes.\n4. Regular workshops and Hackthons to grow a local blockchain community\n\nTEAM MEMBERS\nMURIIA JULIAN (muriisakjulian@gmail.com)\nMBASA RICHARD (richardmbasak@gmail.com)\nAYEBARE JUSTUS (ayebarejustus2001@gmail.com)\n\n\nTARGET MARKET\n飦禱tBusiness people\n飦禱tStudents\n飦禱tTourists\n飦禱tFinancial Institutions\n飦禱tCompanies\n\nBUDGET\nITEM\tAMOUNT\nRegistration\t$500\nRent聽(1 year)\t$2000\nComputers (5) @300$ \t$1500聽\nInternet Connections & subscription聽(1 year) \t$900聽\nProjector\t$600\nFurniture\t$500\nTotal\t$6600\n\n"}]}

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