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Mass Adoption LLC.





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Community Education Defi


{"ops":[{"insert":"As the Decentralized Finance space continues its exponential growth - alongside the rest of the crypto-ecosystem - newbies have found it difficult to digest and comprehend some of the utilities these projects aim to deliver; let alone how to onboard and properly maneuver through these platforms/applications. Due to these intricacies, newbies become discouraged, overwhelmed, or impatient with concepts such as: private keys, secret phrases, Web3 enabled wallets, and the onboarding process itself. \n\nUnlike most online crypto-education platforms that only offer extensive TL;DR articles, Mass Adoption aims to expedite the crypto-adoption rate by cutting out the jargon and onboarding newcomers in the most simplistic way possible; providing & offering visual walkthroughs that your grandma can understand. At the end of the day, we want potential users to feel comfortable using these platforms/applications - same way they feel comfortable using CashApp, Paypal, Facebook, or even a traditional bank account. It is our goal to expose the endless value propositions these DeFi projects have to offer, especially in terms of self-sovereignty, trustlessness, and security. \n\nMass Adoption LLC. has worked closely with well-respected organizations such as: Blockchain Education Network, MouseBelt University, and BlockGeeks to further educate and onboard newcomers to various wallet interfaces and decentralized applications. \n\nWith the assistance of the crypto-community, we plan to further expand our operations in anticipation to onboard and eventually help fund some of our member's onboarding processes. \n\nAs we say at Mass Adoption: \n\nLet's Change Perspective! \n\n\n*website is under development*\n"}]}

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