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Ethereum Dev Fund Working Group
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This Gitcoin Grant is in support of the Ethereum Dev Fund Working Group. Our charter is to figure out how to solve the long term systemic issue in funding maintenance of Ethereum projects. Some projects we are contributing to and/or following closely are: * MicroDonations baked into wallets * Inflation Funding * MolochDAO * Gitcoin Grants * and more You can find out more about the projects we are looking at, our processes, etc, at (proper website coming soon) Funds raised for this Gitcoin Grant will be used to fund developers, creatives, who are working with us. If/when we meetup at an upcoming ETHGlobal event, it may fund snacks for the working group too. Join us on telegram at

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2019 March 13 - We just announced $50k in Matching for Gitcoin Grants!.