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Downtown Stimulus - Quadratic Funding for COVID economic distress


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{"ops":[{"insert":"Thanks for taking the time today to hear our pitch for funding downtown Boulder businesses. As you know, we've raised $2mm for Open Source on Gitcoin, and we're taking a similar playbook to fund economic recovery in downtown Boulder. \n\nWe are building Downtown Stimulus ( "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lhjRuPqzvegHdbvhe0RNG0FQGVD5_mC_bD0BTm5wGF0/edit?ts=5ea70b60#slide=id.g74e76a4133_1_5"},"insert":"https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1lhjRuPqzvegHdbvhe0RNG0FQGVD5_mC_bD0BTm5wGF0/edit?ts=5ea70b60#slide=id.g74e76a4133_1_5"},{"insert":" ) a Quadratic Funding implementation to help local business owners in downtown Boulder recover from COVID related distress.\n\nHere is a quick highlight reel of the research we've done with Business Owners, showing a need here: "},{"attributes":{"color":"#1155cc","link":"https://youtu.be/N4K3Pj0t9Iw"},"insert":"https://youtu.be/N4K3Pj0t9Iw"},{"insert":"\n\nThe goals of this initiative are to:\n- Create a public-private partnership to throw local businesses a life-line.\n- Empower the community to signal what’s important.\n- Activate mega-fans to support their favorite businesses.\n- Obliterate red tape and pays out money to those who need it now.\n\nWe've already got commitments of about $10k from local philanthropists, and are looking for about $20k more to fill out the round. 100% of funds raised will be given to downtown businesses in Boulder during the W4 June 2020 pilot program, and 0% will be going to administrative costs.\n\nPlease contribute to our Gitcoin Grant to make this important work happen for the Boulder community. And to expand the goodness of QF to the non-Ethereum world.\n"}]}

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