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{"ops":[{"insert":"Oya is a decentralized e-commerce protocol owned by its users and run by smart contracts. We designed and built the initial marketplace concept and smart contracts during the "},{"attributes":{"link":"ETHGlobal HackMoney hackathon"},"insert":"ETHGlobal HackMoney hackathon"},{"insert":", where we were chosen as "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QavPuB57vs"},"insert":"one of the finalists"},{"insert":"!\n\nOur team is excited to keep building the protocol and we want to continue to be guided by feedback from real people. To that end, we created a "},{"attributes":{"link":"https://oya.market/seller/"},"insert":"survey"},{"insert":" for e-commerce sellers to better understand their wants and needs. We believe dapps are only useful if they address real human needs.\n\nWe're raising money to offer Dai rewards to sellers who complete our survey, providing valuable insight into the e-commerce space to our project and the whole Ethereum ecosystem. We plan to publish blog posts on what we learn from our surveys so that everyone building the decentralized web can benefit from what we learn.\n\n100% of the money from this grant will go towards seller rewards and any advertising costs necessary to reach a broad and representative group of sellers. 0% will go to protocol developers or the Oya team. We're kicking in 500 Dai of our own money, but additional funds will allow us to reach more sellers.\n\nIf you want to help us put the $3 trillion e-commerce market into the hands of its users, please contribute! We hope to build a community of hundreds of crypto-savvy e-commerce businesses in the coming months and need your help.\n"}]}

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