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Lodestar (ETH2.0 client)



of 3,500 DAI goal


1,717 DAI

NOTICE :: New Grant Old grant url :: We would like to thank everyone who made donations in our previous grant! We changed our grant address for added transparency, so the funds are now added to the main Lodestar wallet! This means we unfortunately had to cancel the previous grant, because the gitcoin grant addresses are immutable, sorry for any inconveniences. An implementation of the ETH 2.0 beacon chain in JavaScript. For this grant we are specifically asking for funds to develop and maintain a series of libraries that are necessary for Lodestar. They are: SSZ in JS, BLS signatures and signature aggregation in JS and Gossipsub in JS.
2019 May 23 - Did you know? - You can integrate Gitcoin into Github's new Sponsors Project. Here's how.