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Decentralize Data NOW! Cat Herding





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Decentralize Data NOW! is a community with a telegram group that holds an open call coordinating the creation of tools for extracting data out of complicated blockchain systems. This call has been happening regularly, on average twice a month, since March 2018 and evolved from a call on purely the creation of Open Source Block Explorers to a mission to decentralize all the data. You can find the playlist of these calls here. Issue: this call has been put on hold because it takes a lot of work to actually coordinate! Damn Coordination costs. Well Gitcoin Grants is an opportunity to gather these costs! Kris from Giveth is happy to dedicate time on doing the necessary cat herding to make this happen. Cat herding for this call is pretty straightforward… here are the steps: Hang out in the Telegram group and watch for the demand for a call. When there is demand (expected cadence is once every 2 or 3 weeks), create a doodle! Get the people to vote on the doodle, including Griff Green who will facilitate the call Create an agenda in this doc (Mostly creating a list of who wants to talk about what) Create the live stream event on hangouts Tweet about the call (from Giveth) and tag people/projects who confirmed they’ll attend Tweet after the call for people who have missed the call Adding notes and search terms to the youtube video and adding it to the playlist Calls will happen on demand, about twice a month.

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