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{"ops":[{"insert":"Dapptivism's purpose is to give the cryptocurrency community resources on how to use Dapps and cryptocurrency for both activism and donations. The site features links to tools that are live right now which point toward altruistic causes, an actively growing database of organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations (filterable by different assets), and will eventually have resources to enable smaller organizations to quickly be able to accept assets.\n\nThe goal for this grant is to grow and maintain the content on the website (grow the database, add resources both external and native), and build a native tool direct from Dapptivism.\n\nThe initial tool to be developed will offer an abstracted version of rDAI with an included address book of organizations taking donations via an Ethereum address. The tool would include a native Uniswap plugin to quickly allow users to swap ETH for DAI. The eventual goal for the tool would also help organizations wishing to accept crypto the ability to place any received interest back into rDAI to continually generate for themselves if they are holding DAI.\n"}]}

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