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A Platform to Catalyze Achievement of Legislation Objectives







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{"ops":[{"insert":"\tThis grant is to raise funds to develop an open-source platform for the domain "},{"attributes":{"color":"#1155cc","link":"http://crowdfundedpolitics.com/"},"insert":"crowdfundedpolitics.com"},{"insert":" (website is currently inactive).\n\n"},{"attributes":{"italic":true},"insert":"*The proposed platform provides the infrastructure for Andrew Yang’s ‘Democracy Dollar’ concept by incentivizing altruistic servitude in governance using smart contracts to hold accountability."},{"insert":" \n\n\tFor the U.S. government to make a change on a federal level it is slow, tedious and often entails action being taken way too late — outside the government it means making a petition, rallying support, and hoping it garners enough attention in the form of scrutiny that a politician enacts on said petition. Simultaneously, Citizens United allows corporations to legally bribe our politicians, creating a dynamic where special interest groups and conglomerates hold a lot of power (They’re providing money to politicians in the form of a quid-pro-pro where said politicians ensure they do their job in the donors favor). \n\n\tCitizens United has faced backlash, although it claims rights on the basis of the constitution so it’s rather pointless to make the fight about removing Citizens United. Politicians aren’t going to turn down free money & they certainly aren’t going to make it illegal for them to be able to do so. \n\n\tThe key is to give them ‘good’ money, funded by the public, to dilute the impact of the ‘bad’ money.  \n\n\t"},{"attributes":{"underline":true},"insert":"My proposal is a smart contract money support system for donation pools for politicians."},{"insert":" I know, it’s a mouthful.\n\n\tIn a public feed, users list laws or courses of action they’d like to be put into legislation. At the same time, citizens contribute money towards these posts by directly holding a politician accountable with a smart contract that executes when money is donated. The smart contract holds predetermined stipulations (actions that must be obliged by for said money to be released). The money is then released when the majority of the post donors give approval.  \n\n\tAdditionally, post creators should have the ability to set parameters for the dispersal of the money such as amount, time, and politicians needed for support. This can allow for certain objectives to be achieved that require specific numeric pedigrees. \n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Example 1"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Post:"},{"insert":" Set congressional term limits \n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About:"},{"insert":" X (open-source contribution) \n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Financial goal:"},{"insert":"xxxM\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Identified needed supporters:"},{"insert":" xxx (x% achieved)\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Example 2"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Post:"},{"insert":" Allow health insurance companies to offer coverage across state lines to increase competition and insight better packages to be offered\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About:"},{"insert":" X (open-source contribution) \n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Financial goal"},{"insert":":xxxM\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Identified needed supporters:"},{"insert":" xxx (x% achieved)\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Example 3"},{"insert":"\n\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Post:"},{"insert":" x federal/local oversight committee on x cause\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"About:"},{"insert":" X (open-source contribution) \n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Financial goal:"},{"insert":"xxxM\n"},{"attributes":{"bold":true},"insert":"Identified needed supporters:"},{"insert":" xxx (x% achieved)\n\n\tSeparately, politicians will have their own accounts where they can support different posts. Supporting a post would mean adding their name to the chosen smart contract donation pool (if possible). They’re then put into the limelight for public observation and scrutiny to ‘fight’ for the objectives relayed in the post that they’ve supported. The opportunity for politicians here is the attempt to receive majority approval in regards to accomplishing ultimatums relayed in the smart contract in order to receive their predefined cut of any money donated.\n\n\tThis creates a win-win situation. Politicians can receive much greater and continued financial support from the public to take on virtuous deeds while also providing transparency about their financial obligations. Citizens can commit direct financial support towards legal change as opposed to contributing money to a politician's campaign where there’s no certainty of how much money will be allocated to what and if the politician receiving the donation will fulfill their “promise” in the end.\n\n\tIn this way, change can happen faster because citizens are on the same playing field as corrupt institutions by enacting direct financial persuasion. \n\n\tWhether you’re a Republican, Democrat, or lie somewhere in between, the state of affairs in the United States suggests these are merely opposite wings of the same bird. It’s about time the body of what we’ve been flying for is ascertained and the strings on the puppets are revealed!\n\n----------------------------------------------------------------------------------\n\n\tFor this project to be successful, it's going to take a high-level of teamwork and substantial upstart capital. Feel free to reach out to me at "},{"attributes":{"color":"#1155cc","link":"mailto:barnettejacob@gmail.com"},"insert":"barnettejacob@gmail.com"},{"insert":" \n"}]}

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