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POA Network would like to introduce to the community its latest initiative, the POA Games Fund. This initiative is a $50,000 Dai fund which will be distributed to various games and DApps that meet our criteria! We are looking for high performance games or DApps that are ready to utilize POA Core. Bonus points for beautiful UX and unique gameplay and concept! The first recipient of the POA Games Fund is the next Snails game, Eggforce! A blockchain based game series that is being developed and will be deployed on POA by one of the community members, SnailKing! Find out more about the plans for Snails in the latest post here 2. We will be evaluating the other entrants for the POA Game Fund over the next few weeks and will announce the next recipient after judging the various entries!
2019 May 23 - Did you know? - You can integrate Gitcoin into Github's new Sponsors Project. Here's how.