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The Block Cafe - Community Venue in Lisbon, Portugal




89 DAI



219 DAI
19 contributors


{"ops":[{"insert":"The Block Cafe is a Community Venue based in central Lisbon, Portugal\nlaunched by Members of the Ethereum & Bitcoin community during the 17' Summer.\n\nWe hosted dozens of educational meetups and events over almost three years and gathered the local community to spread knowledge on Privacy, Decentralized Finance, Development and keep everyone updated on our ecosystem.\n\nWe're also a coworking and have many ecosystem companies and projects as members such as : Chainsmiths, ReVault, Getbittr.com, Lamassu, AAVE, Kleros.io... \n\nWe also hosted key members of the community and projects of the ecosystem visiting us for events or spending a team sprint for delivering milestones such as The Ewasm team from the EF, Truffle, Consensys and much more more.\n\nThe Block was one of the first venue on earth to support SAI then DAI payments, to implement Lightning Network Payments, to use the Burner Wallet from Austin and to spread knowledge about daily solution like Argent wallet to the local community.\n\nWe are also proud of our Bitcoin and Ethereum node and to contribute to the decentralisation of our ecosystem.\n\nThe Block Cafe is 100% self-funded by his founding members of the community and was a venue at financial equilibrium until the COVID-19 events.\n\nWe're creating this Grant today as due to the sanitary situation we spent nearly 3 months with near-zero income and we're just re-opening the venue this week.\n\nWe think the Block Cafe experience was a success, we don't want to close one of the most active community hub in Europe,\n\nFeel free to contribute to this grant to support The Block Cafe initiative and never hesitate to pay us a visit we're you're in town!\n"}]}

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